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About the Dan Cheney Kindergarten

Completed: 2010

The Dan Cheney Kindergarten was built in celebration of 15 years of collaborative work between PeaceTrees Vietnam and the Vietnamese people to promote a safe and healthy future for the children of Quang Tri Province. The kindergarten is a symbol of healing and represents PeaceTrees’ commitment to peace and reconciliation.

The Dan Cheney Kindergarten provides many young children of Khe Da Village, Quang Tri Province the opportunity to receive a local early education in a location where they are safe from unexploded weapons and can eat a healthy meal 5 days a week. Families eagerly send their children to the kindergarten, and to date over 200 students have attended the Dan Cheney Kindergarten.

• Built with donor support in 2010

• The school serves children ages 3 to 5, many of whom are from ethnic minority families.

• The school has one classroom that can serve up to 40 children

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