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About the Jesse Griego Kindergarten

Completed: 2009

Project Sponsor: Jim Lewis

The Jesse Griego Kindergarten is located in Acha Village, Quang Tri Province. It provides young children the opportunity to receive a local early education in a location where they are safe from unexploded weapons.

Since it was built, six classes have graduated from the Jesse Griego Kindergarten. Many of the students who enroll at the kindergarten are considered malnourished at entry. PeaceTrees’ healthy meal program provides them with a healthy meal five days a week and helps ensure that they receive the vital nutrients their growing bodies need to develop.

This kindergarten is dedicated to Jesse Griego, a fallen Marine in the Vietnam War.

• The school serves children ages 3 to 5. Over half the students are from ethnic minority families.

• Over 30,000 meals have been provided to students.

• The kindergarten has one classroom that can serve up to 50 students.

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