Kindergartens and Libraries

About the Pat Lucero Library

Completed: 2010

Project Sponsor: Jim Lewis and the Lucero Family

The Pat Lucero Library has been much more than a building with books for the people of Ba Long Commune in the Dakrong District, Quang Tri Province. Last year over a thousand people visited their local library to read, learn, and to seek refuge.

Pat Lucero served in the US Army in Vietnam and was killed in action in 1968. His family and friends from across the US traveled to Vietnam to honor Pat in 2010, and to commemorate PeaceTrees Vietnam's 10th library in his memory.

In addition to acting as the community center for reading and learning, the Pat Lucero Library is used as a meeting place for community education.

Playground equipment was updated in 2012, and a water tank with clean water was also installed.

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