Education and Economic Development


Cultivating a bright future through education and economic development

In low-income Vietnamese communities that continue to struggle because of the terrible legacy of the war, PeaceTrees Vietnam develops critical infrastructure to promote education, economic growth and stable lives.

We build kindergartens and libraries and develop programs to improve nutrition, support better agricultural practices and protect domestic violence survivors. PeaceTrees helps rural farmers pursue cash crops, such as growing black pepper, so they have a sustainable means of supporting their families. With the support of our generous donors, we help entire communities grow and thrive.

Current Project Spotlight: Sunflower Kindergarten

During the Vietnam War, Khe Sanh Village in southwest Quảng Trị Province, was the site of one of the heaviest artillery bombardments of the war. The small village, population 875, is still littered with unexploded ordnance today. UXO contamination in the area is a significant contributor to the extreme poverty seen throughout the village. Young children are especially vulnerable. Previously, kindergarten programs in Khe Sanh turned away one out of every four kindergarten-aged students each year. Thanks to the support of Mary Van Cleve and a group of wonderful donors, Sunflower Kindergarten opened in the fall of 2014 and is serving a group of about 30 students in Khe Sanh Townlet #6. 

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