About Friends Forever Kindergarten

Completed: 2017

Project Sponsor: Bob Stokes and Sue Schroeter-Stokes, The Hayward Family Foundation, Quang Le

The PeaceTrees Friends Forever Kindergarten is located in Lang Vay Village of Tan Lap commune, Huong Hoa district. Before the PeaceTrees Kindergarten was built, only 28 of the 54 kindergarten-aged children were able to attend school due to limited space and facilities. The new kindergarten consists of a classroom, restroom, kitchen, and playground and provides children in Lang Vay Village with the opportunity to grow and succeed in a safe and healthy environment. The Kindergarten encourages parents to send their children to school because they have confidence that their children will be safe during the day and receive a daily nutritious meal. 

In Lang Vay Village, 97% of the households are ethnic minorities and are unlikely to speak Vietnamese. In order to succeed in primary school where instruction occurs in Vietnamese, it is important that kindergarten-aged children are exposed to the Vietnamese language and a structured classroom environment. The Friends Forever Kindergarten addresses these concerns by teaching Vietnamese in a classroom setting that will prepare children in Lang Vay for educational success in the public Vietnamese school system.

In 2018, 20 five-year-old kindergartners graduated from the Friends Forever Kindergarten and will enter first grade next year. There were 20 three and four year-olds who will continue to study at the kindergarten along with new students next year.

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