Education and Economic Development


Enabling those impacted by UXO accidents to study

Quảng Trị Province has a high population of those living at and under the poverty line. Many of these families not only live in poverty but have family members who have been injured or killed in an accident involving a piece of unexploded ordnance. This places financial strain on a family already struggling to provide for their members. As a result, the children of these households are unable to attend school, ultimately perpetuating the cycle of poverty as the children grow up without an education and fewer economic opportunities. As a result, access to education is a proven poverty reduction measure as it allows children to go to school, become educated, and be more economically secure with the experience that comes with learning Vietnamese and other skills.

This project started in 2005 to support the children of Quảng Trị parents who were in UXO accidents. We have learned to work with the community to support children ages 5 to 22 so they can attend primary school through college. To date, we have provided scholarships to over 2000 children in Quảng Trị Province. PeaceTrees scholarships include a full-year of textbooks, notebooks, uniforms, meals, and additional administrative fees that these children would otherwise be unable to afford.

Scholarship Story

Nguyễn Thuy Trang and Nguyễn Thuy Linh live in Đông Hà and have received PeaceTrees scholarships for many years. Their father died in a landmine accident in January 2007. Afterward, their mother had to take care of the whole family, but she was a farmer and had an unstable income. Because of this, it was difficult to afford school for her children. PeaceTrees was able to provide scholarships for the two sisters, Trang and Linh, to continue their education. Their hard work has paid off and now Linh is in 9th grade and Trang is a second-year student at the Vietnam National University of Agriculture. Their mother is overjoyed that her children are able to attend school and will have a bright future. 

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