Humanitarian Mine Action

Mine Risk Education

The prevalence of landmines and unexploded ordnance in Central Vietnam makes mine risk education a priority.

The statistics are sobering. One out of every five landmine victims is a child. Many unexploded bombs and landmines look like toys, enticing children to innocently pick them up unaware of the risk until it is too late. Another common yet tragic occurrence is when boys, traditionally charged to care for the family’s water buffalo, are injured or killed when their animal steps on a piece of ordnance hidden in a rice paddy.

To reduce these risks, PeaceTrees Vietnam opened the Danaan Parry Landmine Education Center, the only center of its kind in Vietnam. The Center provides much needed education to children by displaying interactive materials about landmines and unexploded ordnance. Additionally, the Center serves as a training center for Vietnamese volunteers who return to their own communities to teach mine awareness.

PeaceTrees also sponsors billboards, radio broadcasts, and mobile mine risk education. This program is the first of its kind, serving the ethnic minority populations of Quảng Trị Province.

View essays and posters from our 2016 Mine Risk Education Summer Camp here. Learn more about living with mine risk through Cun's Story.

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