Updates From the Field

November 2017 Update

Clearance Statistics: January – October, 2017

  • 34,694 individuals directly benefited from PeaceTrees’ clearance work
  • 13,793 individuals received Mine Risk Education
  • 452,209 square meters of land were cleared and returned to the community
  • 2,204 pieces of Unexploded Ordnance were safely located and destroyed

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Team Highlights:

  • PeaceTrees EOD teams are on track to clear five times more land in 2017 than targeted in any previous year.
  • PeaceTrees’ four EOD teams are comprised of women and men who are now the most highly trained in Vietnam. Each of our technicians is Vietnamese and is certified to international standards.
  • In September, PeaceTrees EOD teams received a report of a 500-pound bomb that had to be demolished in place near the Lao border. The site was also near a forest which is sacred to the local ethnic minority community. The PeaceTrees team coordinated with the local community to ensure that demolition was conducted in a respectful manner and worked with Vietnamese and Laotian authorities to evacuate 175 homes prior to safely detonating the large aircraft bomb.  
  • In early November, the teams responded to a farmer’s report of a suspected unexploded munition not far from PeaceTrees’ David Warner kindergarten and the site of the new Ra Man Kindergarten. When they arrived the team discovered and safely removed 60 volatile cluster munitions buried in the ground.

September 2017 Update

2017 has been an exceptional year for PeaceTrees Vietnam. Our efforts to clear Quang Tri Province of unexploded ordnance are even more successful and more efficient than in the past, and a total of 40 Explosive Ordnance Technicians are now trained to international standards. Our Black Pepper Project has been successful, allowing pepper farmers to better provide for their families. The pepper is now almost ready to be harvested and sold at the market. We also saw the expansion of our Healthful Gardens for Healthy Children project earlier this year, thanks to the generous help of Seattle area Rotary clubs and the Kirchoff Fitness group! Thank you for your dedication to PeaceTrees Vietnam  and the people of Quang Tri Province! 

We are pleased to report outstanding results so far in 2017! Our 40 Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Technicians have been working hard to make land safe, and below are our accomplishments to date: 

2017 Accomplishments—January to July

  • 1439 unexploded bombs and landmines cleared
  • 285,916 square meters (70.7 acres) cleared
  • 815 EOD team field responses  
  • 7,810 people benefited from Mine Risk Education
  • 35,436 individuals who benefited from our work

This year, our teams have cleared many sites including cluster munition contamination sites, and ensured that land that can now be used to build schools, community buildings, roads, or as farmland. Three of the sites cleared will be used for future PeaceTrees kindergartens. By clearing these sites of harmful unexploded ordnance, our EOD technicians have increased the amount of safe land for those in Quang Tri Province.  To the left are pictures of cluster munitions gathered by our EOD teams. Without your support or the support of the United States Department of State, this lifesaving work would not be possible. Thank you!   

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