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Quảng Trị Mine Action Program

PeaceTrees Vietnam began mine action operations in Quảng Trị Province in October 2005 with only one team consisting of 12 members. Today PeaceTrees' Quảng Trị mine action program consists of 150 members including two Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) teams, seven Battle Area Clearance (BAC) teams, three Clearance Support teams (CST), two Site Assessment teams (SAT), and one Project Office Team. 

The project is funded by the U.S. Department of State with the goal of addressing the issue of explosive ordnance (EO) contamination in Quang Tri province. PeaceTrees teams primarily operate in Cam LộHướng Hóa and Đa Krông Districts near Quảng Trị's border with Lao PDR. All EOD Technicians have been trained and certified according to International Mine Action Standards (IMAS), and 13 have received IMAS 3 certification. 

Quảng Trị Project Team

The Project Office Team is in charge of all administration, finance, logistics, field operation management, and technical support for the project.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal Teams

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) teams consist of eight members, including one Team Leader, one Deputy Team Leader, one Medic, three Technicians, one Driver/Technician, and one Ambulance Driver. These teams are responsible for responding to EOD spot tasks whenever an EO has been reported through the provincial EO hotline. They are also responsible for conducting Explosive Ordnance Risk Education (EORE) activities to raise awareness about the dangers of EO and how to remain safe in their presence. EOD teams also complete clearance tasks at the request of local authorities for the purpose of community development and social welfare projects.

Battle Area Clearance Teams

Battle Area Clearance (BAC) teams consist of up to 14 members, including one Team Leader, one Deputy Team Leader, one Medic, eight or nine Technicians, one Driver/ Technician, and one Ambulance Driver. BAC teams are responsible for conducting clearance at Confirmed Hazardous Areas (CHA) and at Socio-Economic Development sites at the request of local authorities. 

Clearance Support Teams

Clearance Support Teams (CST) consist of five members, one of which is the Team Leader and Driver. These teams are responsible for clearing vegetation in preparation for the BAC teams to efficiently conduct EO clearance. Clearance Support Teams also support BAC teams in clearance activities, and assist the EOD teams in the disposal and demolition of large bombs, especially in areas that are difficult to access due to rough terrain.

Site Assessment Team

Each Site Assessment Team (SAT) has two members. After receiving a clearance task from the Quảng Trị Provincial Mine Action Coordination Center, the team visits  and assesses the site before a BAC team is called in to conduct clearance. The assessment includes talking with community members to learn about the site and its current use, understanding the proposed land use for the site, and conducting an assessment of the environment and terrain. This process helps facilitate efficient work once the BAC team begins clearance. 

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