Our Partners

The seeds of PeaceTrees Vietnam have grown and branched with the support of invaluable partners in United States and Vietnam. Committed to the belief that collaboration will help both countries heal the pain and erase the scars of war, PeaceTrees Vietnam establishes partnerships with a wide array of government and citizen organizations that share the common goals of safety, education, and economic development in Central Vietnam.

PeaceTrees Vietnam Sponsors

U.S. Partners

  • United States Department of State, Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement

  • Golden West Foundation

  • Grace Episcopal Church

  • Hayward Family Foundation

  • Marshall Legacy Institute

  • One Day's Wages

  • Pacific Basin Partnership

  • Purple Crayon Foundation

  • Roy A Hunt Foundation

  • Sahale Snacks, Inc.

  • Seattle International Foundation

  • Sonja Hope Foundation

  • The Seattle Foundation

  • Vietnamese Friendship Association

  • Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Fund

  • Washington Women's Foundation

  • Williams International Friendship Fund

Vietnam Partners

  • The Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations

  • The Vietnam-USA Society

  • People's Aid Coordinating Committee

  • The Vietnam Women's Union

  • People's Committee Quang Tri Province

  • Foreign Relations Department of Quang Tri Province

  • The Vietnam Women's Union of Quang Tri Province

  • People's Committee Dong Ha Town

  • mcknight group
  • Fran's Chocolate
  • State Dept
  • Sahale
  • PerkinsCoie
  • Flying Good Group
  • Chateau St. Michelle
  • Chinoise
  • Olde Thompson
  • Prolumina
  • Columbia Bank
  • Lustre Cal
  • Red Boat Fish Sauce
  • Veterans for Peace
  • Louisa Davis Properties