Community-Led Development Projects

Goat Husbandry for Community Development & Resilience

The Revolving Goat Raising Project is a community-based initiative established in 2022 that aims to improve the livelihoods of 30 ethnic minority households in the Huong Hoa district of Vietnam. The project includes three communes: Tang Co Hang, Ra Man, and RaLy-Rao. Created in response to the devastating floods and landslides of 2020 in central Vietnam, the primary objective of the project is to provide beneficiaries with the knowledge and skills necessary to raise goats and increase their income.

To achieve this objective, the project began by organizing three training courses on goat raising techniques for the 30 households. The project has also provided 60 goat breeds to the beneficiaries, with each household receiving two goats. However, the project requires that beneficiaries complete their goat barns before receiving the goats. This is to ensure that the goats have adequate shelter and the best possible conditions for growth.

The project has faced some challenges along the way, with four goats dying due to sickness and snake bites. Despite this setback, the remaining 56 goats are alive and thriving, with 32 baby goats being born. The Provincial WU plans to expand the project to 10 additional households in the second phase, once 70% of the households have two goat kids from 10-12 months old.

This project is an excellent example of community-based development initiatives that empower marginalized communities to improve their livelihoods. The project has not only provided beneficiaries with goats but has also equipped them with the necessary knowledge and skills to raise them sustainably. Through this project, the beneficiaries have increased their income and improved their standard of living, positively impacting their families and communities.

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