Community-Led Development Projects

Indigenous Banana Farming

The Indigenous Banana Planting Project is an initiative designed to support 10 ethnic minority households in Ta Lao village, Ta Long commune in Dakrong district. The project aims to address socioeconomic inequities and improve environmental resilience in response to the 2020 floods and landslides.

Through the project, the households received training in banana planting techniques, as well as 1,000 kg of fertilizer and 1,000 kg of powdered lime for land preparation and banana care. Additionally, three water pump machines were supplied to three groups (with three to four households per group) to manage together. Each household also received 100 banana seedlings, which were planted in March 2022.

Support from PeaceTrees Vietnam cleared dangerous explosives in the banana planting areas before farming, with a total of 19,613 m2 cleared and four UXOs removed. Currently, the banana farms are in a well-developed state, and the first banana crop is expected to be harvested within 12 to 14 months after planting.

The Indigenous Banana Planting Project is an important effort to empower local communities, improve their livelihoods, and build their resilience against environmental challenges.

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