Hồ Văn Đinh's Story

Đinh is a 6th grade PeaceTrees scholarship recipient who received our Landmine Accident Survivor Scholarship for the past two years. In 1996, Dinh’s Mother, Thuc survived an unexploded ordnance accident that severely injured her right arm. In the wake of disaster, sending a child to school can be an impossible expense. PeaceTrees’ scholarship program has provided Đinh with the opportunity to earn an education and has removed the burden of schooling costs from his family. This story reminds us that though the fighting ended more than 45 years ago, thousands of people continue to feel the lasting impact of war. Together we have made exceptional progress, but there is still much work to be done. We hope that you will walk alongside courageous families like Hồ Văn Đinh and his mother, Hồ Văn Thuc, as we continue these critical programs.

Hồ Văn Đinh and hismother Hồ Văn Thuc at the PeaceTrees’ scholarship award ceremony – November 22,2020

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