Hồ Văn Lai's Story

Hồ Văn Lai was involved in a landmine explosion in 2000 at the age of ten. He lost his right hand beneath the elbow, his right leg above the knee, his left foot, and one eye. Lai has partial vision in his remaining eye. His extensive burns and other injuries contributed to a long recovery and adjustment period. PeaceTrees helped to support Lai's medical needs and has provided him with scholarships for many years. The scholarships allowed Lai to attend the Nguyễn Đình Chiểu School for the Blind and later, a regular secondary school and high school. Scholarships from PeaceTrees gave Lai the resources he needed to be able to study, and he not only passed his high-school exams, but continued on to study at Lê Lợi High School in Đông Hà, Quảng Trị. The PeaceTrees scholarships that Lai received went towards tuition, meal fees, and tutors that Lai's family would not have been able to provide without assistance. 

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