Le Van Hong's Story

Le Van Hong is a landmine survivor who lost his left hand in an accident in 2005. PeaceTrees Vietnam has supported Hong through difficult times, especially in his education, and he has been a friend of PeaceTrees for many years. Hong was a guest at the 2013 Anniversary Luncheon, where he made connections with PeaceTrees Vietnam’s community of supporters in the United States.

Hong recently finished his 4th year at Hue University in painting and where he excelled in his studies. Hong has incredible artistic abilities which are apparent in his composition and use of line and color. He paints diverse subjects including landscapes, streets, and people. Hong tells us that he almost forgets the loss of his hand. After graduation, he is going to find a job in Hue or Danang, or at a small advertisement company. Eventually Hong hopes to be a freelance painter so he can draw anything he wants and share his artwork with more people. This summer, he is volunteering, painting, and decorating local kindergartens including PeaceTrees' Sunflower Kindergarten. Hong writes, “This is the second time I have done this kind of volunteer work. I feel so happy that I can use my talent to help others.”

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