Kindergartens and Libraries

About the Good Heart Kindergarten

Completed: 2015

Project Sponsor: The Hayward Family Foundation

The villagers of Xi Nuc, located in Tan Long Commune of Huon Hoa District, still suffer from the legacy of the Vietnam War. Heavy fighting occurred in the district, and as a result there have been countless injuries and deaths from landmine/unexploded ordnance accidents since 1975. This lack of safety has hindered socio-economic progress in Xi Nuc Village.

Ethnic minority households suffer most from high poverty rates and low literacy levels. Without a proper kindergarten to teach local children Vietnamese language skills, students were forced to study in an old meeting room. The Quang Tri Women’s Union identified Xi Nuc as having a high need for a kindergarten because the existing facilities could not accommodate all of the children who wanted to attend. PeaceTrees Vietnam’s UXO removal team helped clear the site in Xi Nuc Village for the kindergarten so that the children have a safe place to learn and play. In April of 2015, the kindergarten was completed and opened to the public.

• Ethnic minority children ages 3 to 5 will be taught Vietnamese so they can advance to primary school.

• The kindergarten includes a classroom space, indoor plumbing, a kitchen and an outdoor playground.

• Daily nutritional meals will be provided to the children, many of whom are malnourished.

• The project is in partnership with the local commune and the Quang Tri Women’s Union.

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