Kindergartens and Libraries

About the Ooc Kindergarten

Completed: 2021

Project Sponsors: Citizen Diplomats of the March 2019 Trip

Construction of the Ooc Village Kindergarten in Quảng Bình Province was completed in August 2021! This kindergarten is the second PeaceTrees project in Quảng Bình and has played an important role in the continued growth and success of our Quảng Bình operations. This is the first project that Minh Hoá District has completed alongside any international organization. The Ooc Village Kindergarten received more financial support from the local government than any other PeaceTrees project so far, which confirms that PeaceTrees’ work in central Vietnam is trusted and appreciated by local communities. This project was originally conceived by a group of Citizen Diplomats during their trip with Professor Christoph Giebel in 2019. PeaceTrees is so grateful for the support this project received, and for each of the more than 100 donors who made this project possible. The Ooc Village kindergarten welcomed its first set of students for the school year in the fall of 2021.

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