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About the Prin Thanh Kindergarten


Completed: 2020 

Project Sponsor: Quang Tri Women's Union and One Day's Wages Grant

The PeaceTrees Prin Thanh Kindergarten is located in Prin Thanh Village of A Doi Commune, Huong Hoa District. Within Prin Thanh Village, 52.5% of households are officially classified as poor by the Vietnamese government. Most visitors, however, would likely perceive the entire village to be very low income. A Doi is considered to be a disadvantaged commune within Huong Hoa district. The economy is predominantly agricultural (mostly subsistence farming) and the infrastructure system is weak.

Prin Thanh Village has 60 kindergarten-age children. Prior to the construction of the new classroom, only 35 of these children attended kindergarten in the village’s one-room classroom. The remaining children were enrolled in Kindergarten in Doan and Paroi villages, which are about 2 km away from Prin Thanh Village. Because of the distance between the children’s homes and the classrooms, these children attended kindergarten infrequently. The additional classroom in Prin Thanh Village is now enabling all 60 of the village’s children to attend class regularly and benefit from local early childhood education. The children have been divided by age between the two classrooms, with one classroom for 3-4 year olds and the other for 5 year olds. This helps teachers to facilitate age-appropriate activities and learning.

Prin Thanh kindergarten construction is complete and the classroom has been handed over to the community and put into use for new school-year (2020-2021). There are 30 students (3-4 years old) studying at the new classroom this school year. In order to celebrate the new kindergarten and welcome the children back to school for the new school year, PeaceTrees visited the students and teachers and shared small gifts on the first day of school (Sept 8, 2020). Gifts included milk, cake, toys, and foam carpets. All of the teachers and students were very happy and wanted to send a big "Thank you" to the sponsors of Prin Thanh Kindergarten.

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