Nguyễn Khai's Story

When Ms. Tran Thi Be was just seven years old, a bomb fell on her house in Da Nang city, instantly killing her mother and five siblings. She woke up in a U.S. Army children’s hospital, only to find that she had lost both legs and seriously injured her stomach.

Although lucky to be alive, Ms. Be had a difficult journey ahead. After many years of recovery, worry, and uncertainty, Ms. Be’s quality of life began to improve when her neighbors offered her a small plot of land. PeaceTrees provided financial support for the construction of a house where Ms. Be opened a small tea shop to support herself.

Ms. Be became the proud mother of her three children, who have all received scholarships from PeaceTrees Vietnam throughout their education. Her oldest daughter, Nguyễn Khai, is currently attending Ho Chi Minh University of Science, studying Biology and Biotechnology. Khai and her two younger brothers will continue to receive scholarships until their education is complete. Before Nguyễn Khai departed for university, she shared her admiration for her mother and desire to do well in school:

"My mom lost both of her legs in an EO accident and she is the main provider for our whole family. Sometimes I see my mother working so hard that I want to drop out of school to help. But she told me: “You have to study well so you can take care of your younger brothers in the future. This will help me feel happy.” Since the time I entered first grade, my family and I have received enthusiastic help, encouragement, and support from PeaceTrees Vietnam. It is hard to express the endless love that the organization gave to me. I really appreciate it! I will always do my best in my studies so that I can honor all of the precious help I have received."

Learn more about Nguyễn Khai's educational journey:

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