Humanitarian Mine Action

Capacity Development

Meet PeaceTrees Deminer Đoàn Thị Hồng

Đoàn Thị Hồng has been working with PeaceTrees since 2020. She recently agreed to be interviewed to share her experience as a new staff member.

Could you please introduce yourself?

My name is Doan Thi Hong, 28 years old, a technician of PeaceTrees VietNam. I was fortunate to be born and grown up in peace. However, in this central region of Vietnam, where was to be one of the fiercest battlefields, the war legacies are still there. Still many areas are unexploded ordnance contaminated where people could not cultivate or live safely. People still suffer from UXO accidents after the war.

How do you feel about doing work that involves dangerous explosive ordnance?

From the very beginning, we all understand that this job is never easy. It requires knowledge, skill, carefulness, professionalism. To be eligible to work on-site, we have to pass a training course on International Mine Action Standard (IMAS). While working, we continue to be mentored and regularly evaluate, following the standard operating procedure. Our work is to bring safety to people, and firstly, we must ensure safety for ourselves and our team members. Therefore, we always try our best to learn more and more to complete our tasks, work confidently and carefully.

How do you feel about working for PeaceTrees Vietnam?

I am so honored to be a member of PeaceTrees VietNam. I started working for the organization as a technician of the special project to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Vietnam – US relations and 25th Anniversary of PeaceTrees Vietnam in 2020. The project offers us the honor to contribute to bringing safe land and development to our community. After the project completed in April 2021, our team continues to work for the organization and join the existing teams of Peace rees Vietnam’s Quang Tri project.

Could you tell us more about the 25th Anniversary Project that you worked on?

The project aims to clear EO to support the implementation of the Huong Ha district's social and economic development plans. By the time the project was completed, more than 32 hectares were cleared by our team, exceeding the initial target of 30 hectares. From our cleared sites, kindergarten and resettlement areas have been built, and there will be roads, community houses…we are so delighted and happy for the people.

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