Community-Led Development Projects

2020 Flood Relief

Responding to historic flooding and landslides in October 2020

Today, as Vietnam continues to recover from the lasting impact of war, climate change is presenting the country with a new set of challenges. PeaceTrees recognizes that climate change will exacerbate inequalities caused by the legacy of war and will further impact the safety and livelihoods of individuals and communities. In October 2020, PeaceTrees witnessed this firsthand when a series of severe tropical storms caused historic flooding and landslides, impacting over 1.5 million people across 11 provinces in central Vietnam, and forcing 15,372 households in Quảng Trị province alone to evacuate.

Disaster Relief:

Thanks to the incredible support of the PeaceTrees community, EOD and program teams were able to provide immediate relief to impacted families. They quickly assembled and delivered aid packets for nearly 1,000 families containing 5kg of rice, instant noodles, fish sauce, salt, dry wares, and canned food. Once safe, EOD teams promptly returned to the field to focus on removing and destroying ordnance exposed by the storms.

The teams responded to callouts for 7 large bombs (500 lbs.) and countless other unexploded cluster munitions, mortars, shells, and mines.

Livelihood Diversification and Clean Water Support:

At the request of the Quảng Trị Women’s Union and on behalf of the people of Ta Long, Huong Son, Xy, and Lia communes, PeaceTrees is also supporting a livelihood diversification and clean water project to help communities recover from the devastating impact of these storms.

Ta Long commune, Da Krong District, and Huong Son, Xy and Lia communes in Huong Hoa District, experienced severe damage during the storms. Within these four communes, 36 hectares of crops were damaged, more than 250 cattle and poultry were washed away, and over 174 hectares of rice plantation was destroyed. Multiple homes were completely washed away by the flooding and landslides, and many more remain in areas at risk of future landslides. Household water systems were also damaged, leaving people with no potable water access.

Project Goals:

  • This project aims to support livelihood diversification by providing two goats apiece to 30 households across Huong Son, Xy and Lia communes in Huong Hoa District. Each household will receive training on how to care for and breed these goats, with a goal of increasing project participants by providing the offspring of the initial litter to additional households.
  • Ten households in Ta Long commune in Da Krong District will also be supported in starting .2-acre dwarf banana plantations. These households will be provided with seedlings, fertilizers, water pumps, and technical training.
  • Additionally, the project will provide access to daily potable water by constructing two community wells in Lia and Xy communes in Huong Hoa District.

PeaceTrees recognizes that extreme weather events like those that happened in October 2020 are becoming increasingly common. PeaceTrees is committed to providing sustained support for communities in central Vietnam as they begin to address these new challenges.

Read more about our response to the 2020 storms.

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